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  • I take a few minutes to thank you for the work of your team. A thank you to Sonia to whom I have already written and particularly to Stéphanie, for her kindness, kindness, patience and intelligence. My only disappointment is the photographer whose photos seemed unprofessional to me. But obviously they were sufficient for the sale. Thank you and good luck!

    Sébastien Bédard See all customers feedback

  • Many thanks for your words, it was really a demanding, but rewarding experience in the end! I pointed out the dedication, kindness and professionalism of Sonia - a big thank you to you Sonia for your work which made my experience a 10/10!

    Andre Alves de Valle See all customers feedback

  • We greatly appreciated all of the services offered thanks to the excellent teamwork. The people who accompanied us throughout the process showed good support and flexibility in reaching a good understanding and completing the sale of our family home. The efficiency and speed of communications was highly appreciated, as well as the professionalism and attentiveness to our diverse needs as salespeop...

    Martin & Sylvie See all customers feedback